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Globalstar Requirements and Commercial API

Globalstar offers two very different services based on the SPOT hardware. The first option, which is available for purchase online, is a personal service that does not support routing traffic to another commercial application/destination. This personal service cannot be tracked with our application because the traffic cannot be routed to us. The second option is called the "Commercial API" interface and is an additional service on top of the standard SPOT service which manages airtime and message routing in a commercial Globalstar platform. You must use an existing Commercial API license or obtain a new Commercial API license.

If you already have a SPOT device activated on the personal service, it must be deactivated and migrated to a Commercial API account.

Setting up a SPOT device

SPOT devices must first be activated via the web site. Once activated, the SPOT API must be activated in order to push positions and messages to the tracking portal.

To do this:
  • Navigate to the SPOT API tab on
  • Create/Edit the SPOT Data Push and choose "HTTP" as the Protocol.
  • For the URL/Callback Service, enter ""
  • Login to the tracking portal and go to the Settings tab, Gateway Accounts.
  • Enter the Customer and Secret token supplied to you from the web site as a new SPOT Gateway Account.
  • Go back to and use the "Test SPOT Data Push" link to test the API connection.

Please contact us if you have any issues with the test or setting up the SPOT API.