The Places module of the application opens the Map View and gives users the ability to interact with their Places in the List Panel.

Dot Menu

At the top of the List Panel, the dot menu contains a number of quick actions and sorting options for the Places.

Add Place

The Add Place quick action opens the Details Panel with the Add Place functionality open

Import Places

If a user has an external source of Places and Place data in KML file format, it can be uploaded with the import functionality. Imported Places will display in the List Panel and on the map.

Sorting Options - Alphabetical

Sorts all Places in the List Panel alphabetically

Sorting Options - Color

Places can be assigned a color attribute, and can then be sorted by their color attribute

Sorting Options - Custom

Users can drag and drop Places to order them however they see fit

Search for any Place by name.

Eyeball Icon

The eyeball icon toggles the visibility of Places in the Map View.

Place - Collapsed

Each Place displayed in the List Panel has a gear icon to expand its attributes and interactive functionality in the Details Panel.

Creating a Place

To create a place, users must first find the place and identify it to the portal (either by clicking a location on the map, looking up the address, or inputting the location coordinates), and then users will be asked to provide the following information when creating a place:

  • Name: Default name is the address
  • Description: Add a description of the place
  • Color: Set the display color for the icon on the map and the text in the second panel
  • Users: Assign the place to users so it is visible to those users
  • Extra: Contact (attach a contact to the place)
  • Extra: Photo (upload a photo)
  • Extra: Unique key for customer reference

Places - Expanded

Clicking the Cog button on any Place in the List Panel opens the Details Panel with the interactive tools for Places.

Route Asset: Places functionality is rather limited, and users have the ability to route any Asset to a place from the Details Panel. Edit Place: allows users to modify any attributes assigned to the Place upon creation. Delete Place: Users can permanently delete the Place directly from the Details Panel. Once deleted, Places cannot be recovered, and will have to be added back to the portal manually via the Add Item module.