Drivers are special objects in the portal, and are better considered asset operators. Because the majority of operator activity with regard to assets is vehicle-related, the Driver feature set caters to the needs of Driver Management that many organizations employ to meet regulatory demands or to facilitate accounting practices for freelancers.

Drivers exist in the Portal as an entity that can be assigned to Assets, and who can log into that Asset as a Driver type. Each Driver, when logged in, is able to generate and store logs, and the activity of the Asset while that Driver is logged in can be tied back for use with other features like advanced reports.

Driver information is stored in a file that is similar to a Contact, and it has the following attributes:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Duress Password: unique to Drivers, the duress password can be used when logging in if the Driver needs a discreet way to signal emergency or danger. Managers will receive emergency alerts if a Duress Password is used.
  • iButton ID
  • Phone number
  • Blood type
  • License number: driver’s license number
  • License expiration: driver’s license expiration
  • License restriction: any special restrictions (corrective lenses, etc) noted on the license
  • Manager
  • Emergency contact
  • Emergency number
  • Photo
Driver Status Templates

Drivers often need to report status as part of their logging requirements, and the portal supports the creation of standard templates that the Driver can select in a single click that logs automatically instead of requiring a special note each time the same Status has been entered. The most common status template options are active, off duty, resting, delayed, delivering, waylaid, and in distress.